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Sustainability is at the centre of all we do

Since our formation in 1997, it has been our goal to achieve sustainable growth by being one of the most respected independent process engineering consultuancy in the UK.

To this end, our annual turnover has consistently increased and we have actively pursued opportunities of the expansion of our services, the clients we serve and and procurement of prestigious and challenging contracts. We have been able to bring many of our services ‘in-house’, thus making a positive impact not only for ourselves, employees and our clients, but also on the environment.

We believe that by demonstrating sustainable growth we can consistently provide significant benefits to all key company stakeholders, including our clients, our staff and suppliers. We are constantly reviewing our sustainability both as a group and within each company individually, with a view to continue our growth and all of the positives that  accompany this.

Our sustainability practice extends much beyond OLG Consulting, we take great pride in giving back to the community both locally and nationally. With sustainable growth we are able to provide further support to many of the great causes we have developed relationships within our local area.