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Process Manufacturing Strategy

Helping your business achieve it’s goals

Whether you are planning a new facility or have a collection of existing sites, we understand that you want to get the most from them. Knowing that your facilities are working at optimum capacity and helping you work towards your long-term goals is a priority. Having helped numerous manufacturers hone their process manufacturing strategies over the years, we are perfectly placed to help you look at the bigger picture. We understand the challenges and constraints that you face, from the very top to the bottom, and are able to advise with a birds-eye view of your business and goals.

Developing site master plans

Our site master plan will carefully review all site functions and departments from production and logistics to quality control and site support. Using this well-rounded 360 degree view, we can provide expert analysis. We are able to review all related financials, material flows and utilities and sustainability is a core value of the site’s mission.

Our work on site master plans falls into three distinct phases: data collection; rigorous analysis of schemes; and finally plan definition. All of our site master plans cover optimum use of space, logical layout for expansion, ergonomically laid out facilities and safe locations for hazards.