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Biotechnology is one of our biggest specialisms at OLG Consulting. Our Biotechnology consultants have undertaken a wide range of highly successful projects within the sector, for organisations of all shapes and sizes.

Drawing on our extensive experience, we can support projects that are at early stage or those that are currently in process. We help businesses assess and consider concept designs, scale-up and modelling, and help to advance plans through to detailed design, construction and verification.

Among the areas we can support biotechnology firms in are:

  • Production of biological active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs)
  • Upstream systems including microbial or mammalian expression systems
  • Primary recovery and downstream processing
  • Biological finished products including sterile fill finish (aseptic filling) and freeze drying
  • Vaccines production, for human and animal use, with biocontainment requirements up to ACDP and SAPO4.
  • Blood products
  • Hard-piped systems and the application of single-use technologies

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