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Scale up to Semi Commercial


Scale up to Semi Commercial


Emerging Technologies

Project Overview

Our Client had developed a batch process reacting HF Acid and Silicon to produce an etched material as a next generation silicon lithium-ion anode batteries. In order to further assess market potential and the process technology, a semi-commercial scale production capability was required.

OLG BPE faced three key challenges on the project. The reaction was two stage with the stage 1 exotherm being extremely violent. At the semi commercial stage, it wasn’t practicable to continue with a batch process and so a continuous process was required. The reactor design was a particular challenge due the production of a by-product gas and the high coolant demand.

Project Review

OLG BPE were responsible for the full detailed engineering design and project management during the Scale-Up Project. A custom design reactor train was developed specifically to meet the demands of the reaction. In support of the reactor design, the process was modelled using Superpro Designer.

Our Solution

The process simulation and modelling work allowed OLG BPE to identify a secure basis for the design of the continuous process and an approach to manage the specific challenges presented by the reaction chemistry.