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Case Study - EstÉe Lauder

Purified Water Loop Expansion


Purified Water Loop Expansion



Project Overview

Esteé Lauder required an existing Purified Water Loop to be modified to accommodate the installation of two new processing vessels. The scope included new pipework sections for both CIP and Process water complete with new minimum dead leg addition points.

The key challenge was to deliver a design that met both performance and regulatory requirements. The proposed modifications had to be applied with minimal disruption to existing operations.

Project Review

Hydraulic Modelling was completed to ensure fully balanced systems were applied. Key Design Documents and Drawings produced included P&ID’s, Pipework Isometrics, Equipment Layouts, Equipment Specifications, Validation Documentation and Tender Packages.

Our Solution

OLG BPE completed analysis to allow secure decision making on the system modifications and correctly designed GMP systems meeting the requirements of the FDA/MHRA. OLG BPE produced a Qualification documentation package capable of passing independent inspection.