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Case Study - Confidential

Cellulose Acetate Flake Manufacture


Cellulose Acetate Flake Manufacture


Speciality Chemicals

Project Overview

Our client manufactured products which included cellulose acetate fibre. As a means of improving margins, they required an assessment of the economic benefits of manufacturing the fibre themselves, direct from cellulose acetate through a chemical process to prepare a solution in acetone/PEG which was then spun into the fibre.

Technology assessments were required to establish the process route which presented a number of challenges to be overcome effectively and quickly within the constraints of a high level study. The study work had to be completed within a very tight timeline to support the wider decision making process.

Project Review

OLG BPE completed a Concept Design for the proposed new manufacturing facility including detailed financial analysis of both Capital and Operating Costs. This was then developed into a wider venture analysis report.

Our Solution

The study provided a secure base for our customer to make strategic decisions on their investment plans. The process design work and technology investigation work were fully integrated by OLG BPE with the business case review.